Susan Breckenridge

Susan Breckenridge

Susan, a mature student based in Glasgow, focuses her practice around personal experiences, particularly her family and their relationship within everyday society.

The interaction between her and the public reaction to her role as a single parent is something that interests Susan. Her research is auto-biographical, through the use of photography and a collection of memories, sounds, artefacts, and personal objects.

As a result of using her home as a studio, her family inevitably becomes involved in the process of making work, as well as being the subject. Her work is mostly time-sensitive and tends to have a strong connection to the site it is sited within. Susan prefers to work on site specific pieces using materials that are relevant to environment that they are intended to be shown in. More recently work has been a single piece in contrast to earlier works that have had multiple parts to them. This decision has come from a reflective look at her practice and a revisiting of early works.

In conclusion, Susan’s work attempts to open the eyes of the audience to stereotypical ideas of the uncanny thought the use of the everyday.



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