Sarah Taylor

Sarah Taylor is a process led artist working subconsciously with everyday materials she considers ‘found objects’.   

Her experiments with materials are intuitive, immediate, and honest, following instinctive lines of enquiry and tracing themes of layering and interconnection.   Her sculptures, prints and drawings create a platform to unveil her subconscious, often exploring loss and identity.

Family’ and ‘Memory Game’ are two pieces from a larger body of work which are a physical representation of motherhood and her role within the family.  This work explores the fragility of human relationships, playing with the relationships and tensions between different materials, sometimes resisting each other and sometimes joining together. 

Virginia Woolf is an important influence for Sarah, and Woolf’s stream of consciousness, along with the importance of place and patterns of family traits, are visible in this work.

Sarah is currently entering her final year at Glasgow School of Art.



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