Rachel Bride Ashton

Multi-species interconnectedness, biophilia and feminine intuition come together in an ever-expanding field of film, sound, sculpture and painting. 

My work is produced through a cyclical, organic, multi-disciplinary creative process whereby 2D and 3D installation, performance and film generate characters, scenarios and microcosms.

I create vivid, chaotic, utopian worlds which challenge our cultural de-animalisation and the institution-controlled birth portrayals dominant in our onscreen culture while celebrating the 90% non-human part of us, our microbiome, formed at birth. My visceral, intuitive characters honour bacterial rich effluvia and their sources in often ridiculous rituals which also embody a deep melancholic longing for female body autonomy and a more sympathetic connection between the human and non-human. Orgasmic and seeping these beast-women defy our flush-away, sterile, medicated, anthropocentric lifestyles and revere our excretions as rich earth contributions processed by the busy agents of decomposition or Chthonic Ones.

Website: https://rachelbrideashton.com

Instagram: https://instagram.com/rachelbrideashton

Email: rachelbrideashton@gmail.com

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