Phillip Jupitus

Phillip Jupitus

My work has been informed by a lifetime of experience and observation.

Some take cues from language, self-reflection, or the surrounding cultural landscape. I started my artistic career as a freelance cartoonist who turned poet and then comedian and broadcaster before studying at art school. One problematic expression is the term ‘resolved artwork’. Art has the power to push against resolution and become a staging post towards wider exploration, other potential pathways. The discovery of an image can lead to tearing, painting, sticking, drawing, imitation, transformation. These processes can inspire further adjustment, and reconfiguration. I have yet to create a piece of art that I didn’t think could be taken further or improved. Rather than finish a piece, then head elsewhere I find the joy of art in the journey more than the destination.

I suppose you’re an artist when you know how and where to stop.


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