Karla Healy

My work looks at symbiotic relationships be that between a human and their microbiota or a citizen and a government department.

The work I’m showing at OC considers how the government communicates with disabled people, highlighting the hypocrisy in how it is designed to silence, other and exclude disabled people.  I like using humour in my work and particularly using Scots language and colloquialisms both as a form of connecting with the local audience but also as a means of excluding others who do not speak or understand the language; to give them a sample of how it feels not to understand the message someone is trying to convey to them and to personally observe their frustrations at this experience. In that respect the relationship between the viewer and the artwork becomes a performance. Viewers become actors within the visual artwork, possibly unaware of the part they are playing.

Website: https://karlahealy.art (coming soon)

Instagram: https://instagram.com/_Lab0b0

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