Guendalina Rota

I am a recent graduate of DJCAD obtaining First class honours in Fine art and Philosophy and I am based in the North east of Scotland but I am originally from Italy. 

My practice seeks to explore the relationship that exists between the human being and the natural world, challenging modern values and priorities. Nowadays, society pushes us to alienate ourselves as we try to keep up with its frenetic pace.

But our body is not immune to the influence of nature and in my work I intend to find those forgotten elements that allow us to stay in contact with our true selves, finding a balance and our own pace. To find this symbiotic, ancestral relationship, I play with materials, I look for a juxtaposition, investigating the type of dialogue that can arise.

I respond to these narratives using a range of mediums: sculptures, performances, sounds, words, videos and still images.




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