Grace Wolstencroft

Previously, my work has explored; sacred geometry, psychology the subconscious. My style has ranged from surrealist to abstract. The style of work reflects the topics I explore.

I have been examining these ideas for over 3 years. Then sadly, one of my best friends died unexpectedly. I found it impossible to be creative and access emotion of any kind.

Over the past few months I found that I was looking for her seeing her in strangers. It has been like an unanswered question. A joke without punchline. My brain was trying to compute the vast silence that surrounds me still.

There is an old folklore belief that finding a white feather is communication from the deceased. I found myself finding feathers wherever I went, picking them up taking them home. As if trying to bring her back and keep her near me building a mythical bird of her.

I have collected fluffy, bedraggled feathers, some as sharp as an arrow. I began to draw them and capture them. In a way I am trying to communicate back to her. In a way I am held in the memory of her as I draw.

It is, if anything – grief.

This is the beginning is my visual letter to my best friend.

It’s an exploration of love, death, friendship and memories.


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