Eleanor McGavin

Currently residing in Fife Scotland, and studying for my 4th year at Duncan of Jordanstone School of Art & Design, BA in Fine Art.

My practice considers the space between a place or object and one’s response to it and looking at what is found within a language of transformation and what it is to accumulate treasures of the heart or heart coherence.

A spiders web glistening with dew, the smell of fresh snow on the earth, the haze of light, Goddess Salacia, creating a band of shimmering light on the Sea at the horizon, a gentle touch in a time of grief, the smell of the earth in Summer after rainfall.  Personal moments of beauty and soul connection.  My work seeks to express the simplification of life within the breakdown of outdated systems towards creating new connections and ways of living as communities and societies with a convergence of the natural rhythms of life. 

Using multiple mediums within my work, drawing, oil painting, ceramics, metalwork and film. The work is an experimentation with shapes, light, materiality and form.

Instagram: https://instagram.com/nodalcollective

Email: eleanormcgavin@gmail.com

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