Cyrus Adrian Doherty

I find it hard to define what I do. Full stop, not simply in terms of being an artist.

I will try.

I create from a place of that which feels like necessity in me. I choose to explore the depth, despair, dysfunction and delight of my mental health through photography, video, performance, mark making, drawing, painting, written word and spoken word. I have held a deep interest in all things spiritual and holistically therapeutic for as long as I can remember and use therapy on a regular basis to help in my process of grounding, purging my cells of that which I no longer resonate with, releasing trauma and raising my vibration. This has leaked into my art more and more over the years and especially during the all too recent lockdowns our global collective has lived through. As 2022 progresses I am able to recognise what I need to work on in terms of the self and what has shifted and is in a state of shift for me. 

Attending art school and being part of a fine art course has helped me to give myself permission to create in ways I have not done previously. I believe I am challenging myself more and more to be uncomfortable so I can become comfortable with that state of being thus grow and learn as an artist and a human being. I do believe I am putting pieces of a puzzle together, something that has made sense to me since early childhood and I feel that creating art and studying art is informing me how to do this to a greater degree and move towards being more at peace with the art of letting go and embracing each moment and the creativity that brings me closer to realising my dreams.  

With this in mind I do still hope to perform more and not simply reserve those performances for my dreams, imagination and video recordings only. 



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